When a Near Miss Is a Good Thing

One of the most unique features of Metropix is the way it capitalises on one of those things we all try and avoid- the near miss.

Ever been so close but just missed out? It’s so frustrating! But being oh-so-close-but-not-quite is one of the best features of Metropix.

  • It saves you time.
  • It gets the house on the market quicker.
  • It kick-starts a faster, more efficient and therefore more successful marketing process.
  • It gets potential customers through the door and interested in your listings sooner.

So, how does a near miss help you get your listings online that much faster?

Are you taking advantage of our PlanBank?

Metropix is all alone in the market offering millions of floor plans for properties to save you from re-drawing them.

Simply type in the address you’re listing and see if you get a match. You might strike gold and the very address you need has already been drawn for you.


Simply check over the plan and its dimensions…then upload it to your listing.

If the plan’s a near match - or a near miss! - you can simply go in and edit it. Picture Coronation Street. All the houses are the same, or a mirror image (we can flip it back in one click), so number 12 in our library could serve you for number 23 that you’ve taken on.


With the updated version coming out, with drag and drop stairs and intuitive design, minor adjustments are even easier and faster to do.

Simply annotate existing dimensions to complement your own measurements, helping to ensure your plans are as accurate as possible.


With a single click, you can add your own branding and personalise your new plan. Now, your brand will stick in the mind of your website visitors even more strongly.

Just save the new plan to your account, and you’re done. Who knows, you may be selling this property again in a decade or so!

It’s yours.

So, when you’re listing your latest property, don’t forget to see if you can score a near-miss with PlanBank!


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