What is a “professional” estate agent?

What are your key messages when it comes to setting your estate agency apart from your competitors?

Are you a “professional” estate agent?

Do you “get things done?”

Do you “put the customer first?”

Any agent worth their salt would be in agreement that their business should strive for such superlatives… but how do you show these traits to your customers? How does your agency demonstrate “professionalism,” and “getting things done?”

One simple way to do this is setting the right tone from valuation.

  • Pre-qualify the valuation and ask if you will need your camera to get the photos done there and then
  • Use the EPC Register before the valuation to check if you will need an EPC
  • Make notes about the property, including local amenities, to enable you to come away and write up the property particulars should you be successful
  • Make sure you’ve got a floor plan… in fact, take your iPad with you to enable you to draw up the floor plan while you’re at the property

Getting your particulars in order efficiently to get your vendor on the market shows you mean business.

In research conducted by Metropix, 30% of estate agents admitted to uploading incomplete listings to their websites and property portals.

And with the portals demonstrating the spike in interest following a new listing, failing to upload a completed listing is not demonstrating your “professionalism” or ability to “get things done;” and most importantly is impacting on your customers by not fully taking advantage of that initial spike of interest.

Say for example the property was uploaded without a floor plan. Rightmove reports that properties without a floor plan receive 30% less visits than those that do… so despite your best intention to add the floor plan at a later date, you’ve lost out on that initial new listing interest.

Your floor plans should be on your property advert the very second they go live. Rightmove categorically state that the floor plan is the second most popular item, sitting only behind a good selection of photos.

Just one example of making sure you show your customers you’re the agent who “puts their customers first.”


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