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There is a common myth that floor plans are difficult to produce and perhaps that was true many years ago. Metropix's multi award winning system has completely changed this, enabling property professionals of all IT abilities to draw plans in a matter of minutes. In addition to the ease, creating your own plans is the quickest and most cost effective way to source them. To make things even easier, we'll also train your team for free to give them the confidence they need to realise just how simple floor planning is. 
Martin & Co, Worcester are one of the latest agencies to start utilising Metropix floor plans and the transition has been seamless. We spent some time with Georgia from the branch, who found the concept of floor plans rather daunting....she was a total novice to floor plans! Georgia said "The training was excellent and so easy to join the session. Our trainer took us through step-by-step at a pace that's perfect for total beginners. It was great to see they make time at the end of the session for all questions to be answered by their expert, giving visual demonstrations where needed." 
"After my training, I did a floor plan right away, which was really simple. I'm feeling much more confident about floor plans now. I also know that the Metropix support team are just a call or email away, should I have any questions". 
"Our customers are delighted with the floor plans on our sales particulars. Clear and precise for potential buyers to understand. Metropix allows us to create floor plans quickly and easily, to match customer expectations".
Free training is available to both new and existing customers, every Wednesday at 09:30 - simply email or call us on 0845 838 5355 to book your place. 
 Happy drawing!
The Metropix Team