Save time, money... and the rainforest

I estimate that the average branch is using 30 pieces of paper per month to sketch out floor plans. That’s 360 pieces of paper a year; the equivalent of 108 metres if you laid it all down in a row. Unless you were building a running track of paper for Usain Bolt, that’s a bit of a waste. Especially when you’re bringing that paper back to the office (with a floor plan sketched on it) and starting a new process of work.

Metropix seamlessly solve this problem with our latest innovation, Metropix Mobile, which is designed perfectly to enhance your floor plan process. You can access all of the multi-award winning features of Metropix on your iPad, so you can draw floors while at the property, in full.

What if I’m offline?

No problem. The app is fully functional when offline. This means you could be in the middle of countryside with no signal, or you simply don’t have mobile internet; you’ll be able to draw the whole plan. 

By saving the plan to your iPad, you can send the plan to your master account or process it entirely on the iPad whenever you are next online.

Am I restricted by how many people can use it?

Not at all. Everyone in your team (we really mean everyone – we’ll train them too) can use the iPad app, even at the same time. You each complete the plan on your master account (whenever you are online), without interruption to one another.

What if I am online?

This is where it gets really exciting. If your iPad is online, not only can you draw the plan, but you can actually get the finished plan on your iPad while at the property. This allows your vendors to see and approve it, while experiencing just how efficient you are. It’s impressive as well for them to see the full plan before you leave.

You’ll also be able to search PlanBank from your iPad, include watermarks on your plan and implement your bespoke colour scheme in one tap.

** If you know you won’t have internet access at the property, you can search PlanBank beforehand. Any suitable results can be saved to your iPad for you to use offline at a later date.

How fast is it?

The feedback is that it’s even quicker than our desktop version. Take it for a spin to see. We’ve also got the plan processing time down to 5 seconds, from what was around 30!


Metropix Mobile is free to every customer, as well as our trial users. You can find is in the App Store and full support from our friendly team is provided. 

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