Benefits of PlanBank

Designed with one goal; to save you time. Plan Bank will alert you if there is an exact match for your property in the archive. If not, it will show nearby properties that might have a similar layout. You can make updates to the plans to ensure you’re happy with the end result.

Easy to use

PlanBank automatically searches the archives when you enter the property address.

Be time efficient

Simply open the plan, change anything you need and download.

Fully editable

Mirror properties at the click of a button and make any changes you need. Perhaps there has been an extension added? Add this to the plan with ease.

The plan is yours

When using a PlanBank floor plan it is simply saved to your account in your specified plan style preferences.

Explore other drawing options and features

Colour Floor Plans

Add a personal touch to your website and property particulars by creating floor plans in bespoke colours.