Manipulating a room designer tool to produce a drawing of a layout of a room or entire property can be hugely insightful and can serve as a strong influencing factor to determine whether someone takes the next step to actually view the space in person.

It is not just estate agents who make use of a room designer tool to visualise a space, as anyone looking to sell their property privately can benefit. Indeed, such tools can be useful for people looking to sell furniture items rather than property, so customers can appreciate how furniture, particularly large or expensive items, can look when placed in rooms of a specific size.

Anyone with an interest in interior design will appreciate how using a virtual room designer can assist in making new and improved choices for creating a space. Whether someone is looking to move existing furniture around in a room to make it feel bigger, or someone is starting afresh and wants to completely design an internal space from scratch, there are great benefits to using room planning software as a decision-making tool. Not only can such a tool help you to make better decisions, but it could reduce the likelihood of making costly mistakes, or bad choices, right from the start.


Plan your Bathroom – Bedroom or any Room Online

With so many different uses for a room layout planner, it stands to reason that there are various options available to complete the task. Before you get started, it is worth thinking about which solution will best meet your needs. If you are creating a plan for personal use, to reorganise space at home or maybe add an extension, you might only require a basic solution. Simple and easy-to-use tools let you draw your own floor plan and visualise the space in minutes, so even the first-time user can create easy-to-follow plans with no prior experience. If you want to see how furniture will look in a room, virtual room designer software can let you do this by simply dragging and dropping specific icons into a space. As well as furniture, this function can also be used to add windows and doors, it can even help you make the best use of any wall space.

Online space planners can also enable you to use your own drawings or sketches, which can be quickly and easily converted into floor plans. This can be useful for very unique spaces and can offer a cost-effective solution to visualise a space in detail. Alternatively, you could use an existing template that matches your space requirements perfectly, see our PlanBank for examples here.

Often when creating a visual representation of a space or property, you need more than just the basic two-dimensional drawing. This is especially important for those trying to sell or market a space, to make it look more visually appealing and to provide a greater amount of insight to customers. The real benefit of using a room layout planner is that you have a lot of flexibility to manipulate the software to suit your requirements, and the versatility of the range of options available means that you can achieve the exact desired results.

By adding colour to visual plans, it can bring these plans to life in greater depth. It can make rooms stand out and provide wider appeal. Colour can also be used to help highlight specific rooms or areas, especially when furniture is added to plan the appearance of a room. Taking it one step further, planning software can also be used to incorporate photos and images to enhance the visual experience. This can be a really useful feature for estate agents trying to sell property, as it enables users to click on a room and see what it looks like with real images. This offers a more informative option compared to the traditional use of displaying photo information and can be of benefit to anyone where use of photos is important to represent a space. 


3D Floor Layout Planner

When you use an online space planner, you also need to decide whether you want to view the information in two or three dimensions. Two-dimensional is a popular choice and can give planners or potential property buyers an informative perspective, but three-dimensional plans can really give designs an edge, creating a very realistic and life-like visual representation of a space. 

For estate agents or property owners selling bespoke or unique spaces or simply wanting to provide a competitive edge, representing floor space in a three-dimensional format can help businesses to stand out from the crowd. Walkthroughs can also offer an even greater insight by providing a virtual experience. Such plans can also be manipulated to allow consumers to visualise how rooms can look with their own colour schemes or furniture added, personalising the space and offering the highest technological features for virtual room planning.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult knowing which type to choose. First of all, decide what your goals are, and whether the plans are for personal use or to be marketed. Once you understand your goals, you are better placed to choose the perfect online room planner to match your specific needs.