This is one award you DON’T want to win…

You might have seen some online publications highlighting their “Floor Plan of the week”… with a twist!

The award showcases the lack of effort some agents have put into their floor plans. They don’t make sense; the quality is poor; or they just look like they’ve been drawn on excel.

There’s no point taking the time to prepare a floor plan that is no use to the consumer and, worse still, negatively impacts on the perception of your business

What could go wrong?

The riddle of the lost stairs. From hallway straight into the bathroom, never top of a house hunters’ list!



Floorplan puzzles - Each room drawn as a separate floor plan!



More wild stairs…



How can I avoid this unwanted honour?

In our crusade against poor quality floor plans here’s an easy checklist for making sure you’re not the dubious winner of the wooden spoon.

  • Review your plan. Nothing ground breaking here; take a moment to scan your floor plan and make sure the information shown is correct. Do the stairs work? Are my symbols in the correct place? Do all the rooms have doors and windows etc

  • Draw at the property. Nothing is quite as fresh in the mind as doing it there and then… and with Metropix Mobile you can. And you can quickly rectify any errors – where was that window again?

    The vendor can also preview the plan while you are with them, which is a very effective touch – the floor plan is complete and you’re not even in the car yet!

  • Ask questions. It’s a common thing nowadays for admin teams/staff to draw up floor plans off the back of someone else’s sketch. Sometimes the instruction given is not overly clear. Don’t just guess what you think is the right outcome. A vendor viewing an incorrect plan of their property gives off all the wrong signals.

    If in any doubt at all, we strongly recommend to check it with your colleague who attended the property. Check out our 5 minute guide to drawing effective sketches.

  • A helping hand. Metropix provide unrivalled support to all of their clients. If you are struggling to draw something exactly as it should be, or the plan just looks incorrect to you, contact one of our experts.

    You can reach us any time by phone on 01184 672800, email: or via Live Chat on our homepage –

  • Get trained up. Another added value for Metropix clients is our extensive training options. Book a space on our intro/beginners session, every Wednesday at 09:30. We also regularly host intermediate and advanced sessions to all of our customers. All training services are completely free of charge, unlimited and available to every person in your business.

Metropix is a really simple system to use and has won the Best Floor Plan Supplier for the past four years at The ESTAS Awards. That said, even the most experienced of drawers will come up against something strange/different/difficult once in a while. When it does happen to you (and it will), just remember the outstanding help that is available whenever you need it…just call/email/live chat us!

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