Next stop? Floor plans on the go…

Now is a very exciting time for Landmark, and our Metropix customers. This year has seen the launch of our ‘Valuation Winner’; SmartVal which is offering great value and is now part of our recently launched packages (CLICK HERE to see more). The ‘next big thing’ to take centre stage is the eagerly awaited Metropix Mobile…and we’re very close!

Metropix Mobile brings all of the popular and simple features that our customers know and love onto the convenience of an iPad. This will empower our clients to leave a property with the floor plan complete and ready to publish.

The service will run fully with or without an internet connection, providing seamless drawing, even when you’re offline. This was crucial to our development so that you’re never reliant on other factors – just make sure your iPad is charged!

Our development team are around 85% complete with the project. The good news is that we’ve built it in such a way that you can view our continuous progression. As it stands, our App delivers all key functionality, except for stairs (coming soon).

You can press a button (when online) to send your plan/s to your master account. They can then be fully edited online with your usual login and you can also slide the stairs in at this point too. The finished app will of course have stairs available on the iPad, but this part is in development at the moment.

Our iPad version made its debut at The EA Masters in September. It featured at The Negotiator COnference & Awards and will also be at the Relocation Agent Network Conference (17/11). Visit us on the day to get an expert overview and take it for a test drive.

Who’s ready to evolve their floor planning AND save time?

Metropix Mobile is currently being used by a small selection of our clients. Our confidence in the product is high and we’re now at a stage to open the beta version of our App to the next batch of 50 clients.

Want to be part of this? Simply email to reserve one of our 50 available spaces!