More haste, less speed…

30% of estate agents admit to uploading new listings without a floor plan.

The “Golden Fortnight,” the first 2 weeks of marketing, is when a new to market property receives the most interest.

Rightmove reports properties displaying the full range of pictures, floor plans, descriptions and room dimensions, videos etc generate more interest than those that don’t. So despite any intentions to add them at a later date any delay in getting the floor plan on your listing will impact the level of initial interest.

Rushing to get your listing live without completing the particulars only damages your chances of a successful initial sale.

As the saying goes; more haste, less speed

But what if you could have the floor plan 100% complete before you leave the property?

What impression would that leave your vendors? Giving them early confidence that you are an agent that ‘gets things done’ and when you say ‘speed to market’, you really, really mean it.

Drawing a floor plan is no longer a specialist skill, and it need not be expensive. With some visiting services costing in excess of £100, it’s not cheap to pay someone to draw the plan for you.

From as little as £2 per plan, software like Metropix helps anyone draw a plan in minutes and will cost you less than a good cuppa

Metropix Mobile lets you take Metropix with you wherever you go. You can draw your plan at the property, finalise it with your vendors there and then or sync it with your account and make any final tweaks back at the office.

Empower yourself with Metropix Mobile. It’s free to every client and full training and support is given.


New features

Stairs – add stairs in a few seconds!!

Curved walls – add in two taps!!


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