The Metropix team is here to help you switch – it’s free and easy!

As you know, we have now launched the new version of Metropix. So far, the feedback has been great! If you haven’t made the switch, we’d like to remind you we’ve made it really easy. Switch with one click on your Metropix dashboard and you’re away.

If you are new to Metropix or would like a tutorial on getting the most from the new features, we’ve made that nice and easy for you as well. Remember, this is a free upgrade.



It’s simple and effortless to access Metropix

  • Works across all operating systems – Windows, Mac and iPad
  • Access it on any browser– Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Faster and easier to draw – add stairs, curved walls in a click (or tap!)

Create professional plans in minutes

  • Instant stairs. Drag and drop the style of the stairs you want, then flip, rotate or resize to any layout
  • Personalise your plans. Reposition and resize room names exactly as you want them
  • Change the layout of your final plans to suit your needs. You can position the floors as landscape, portrait or any other combination you choose
  • Add your brand logo- just set it up once and it’s done!
  • Instant colour upgrades

Hassle-free changeover

When you want to switch and get your staff trained up, it’s zero effort.

Click here to change over. It’s just a matter of ticking a box so you can activate it today -– at no extra cost!

We’ll do everything for you. The training is fully led by us. Our session will ensure your team are raring to go with the new version and can immediately make extra time savings.

Just like everything with Metropix, the training is quick and easy. We run full training sessions of the new Metropix- you just choose a date and get signed up below:

If you would like to jump straight into the new version, we recommend you watch this 15-minute video to give a summary of the new enhancements.

If you have any questions at all, then please get in touch with our Switch Squad today!