Meet the Team - Steve Sanashee

Introducing Steve Sanashee, Customer Relations Manager 

Steve has a long history of working with people, something he found he loved doing at sixteen years old.

While at college, he worked for John Lewis. Within 3 months, he was working on the customer service desk. That’s a big responsibility for a sixteen year old, dealing with complaints and sorting out queries, but he loved it. They had a good training plan, and he thrived on learning salesmanship doing his favourite thing-interacting with people.

Steve’s famous in Landmark Estate Agency Services for his soft voice, calm manner and dedication to the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


A round-about route to Landmark

Steve moved on from John Lewis to a search provider. Again, through his natural ability with people, and hard work, he moved from an entry level role to sales and marketing within two years. He enjoyed the role, but the 2008 recession meant they shut down the office, so Steve had to find something else. He was offered a role as an estate agent, something he thought would challenge his sales and customers service skills, but a role at a floor planning company called Metropix caught his eye.

Metropix was part of Landmark - a company he’d heard lots of good things about; the chance to progress, recognition for hard work and company perks. He accepted the role at Metropix and has been with us ever since.

The youngest, freshest team

Metropix was a small team so his role was really varied.

“I liked wearing a  lot of hats,” he said, “there’s a huge amount of versatility working in sales and customers service, you need a real range of skills. I loved working on the frontline of customer queries. Getting quicker resolves and finding faster solutions really worked for me.”

Steve’s now moved into a management role and has thrown his enthusiasm and commitment into directing and improving on the customer experience.

“It’s an exciting division to be involved with,” Steve says. “We’ve seen tremendous growth and great success, in terms of positive customer engagement, and the number of listings we’ve been involved with. It’s been a tough time recently, but we’ll bounce back. We’ve been doing everything we can to support customers and look after then during the last few months, and they really appreciate it.”

Steve has a lot of confidence in his team. “We have the right people in the right places. We’re growing as a team, and we’ve got that clear vision of the future in place as well. It’s exciting and motivating to see it all coming together.”

Inspiring floor plan design for assisted living

“We’ve been involved in some amazing projects. One of my favourites was helping design a living space for people living with disabilities. We talked with our clients and helped them draw up some floor plans and gave an idea of what the layout could look like. They wanted something that meant something to the people who would use the space and came up with the Millennium Falcon.”

You can see the floor plan here...












“Funnily enough, the Landmark Estate Agency Office is based in Lancaster, and that is where the first floor plan we can find came from. It’s from the 1930s, really good quality. Hand-drawn and really detailed. It’s amazing what they did back then, and what we can do now. It seems there’s always been the need for accurate floor plans, now it’s just being made easier.”


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