Meet the Team - Simon Birley

Introducing Simon Birley, Business Development Manager

Simon joined us in 2017, finally arriving after travelling through America, Australia, South East Asia and . . . London.

He started as a toolroom engineer, working through an apprenticeship. Although the experience enhanced his eye for detail and ability to work with different types of people, he knew there was more to life. So he travelled extensively for a few years across America, Australia and throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, which made him realise spending his working hours in a factory wasn’t for him.

He moved to London and made the switch to sales. “I was keen to be in an industry I liked and was interested in,” he says. “Publishing and then property really spoke to me".

“I’ve been supplying the country's largest agents with digital solutions to their day-to-day issues for nearly 13 years now. I started out in 2007 at and ended up at Zoopla through M&A. then approached me to help them with their launch.”

Then, a few years ago, an old contact recommended he apply for his current role at Landmark, and he’s been here ever since.


Proactive, not reactive.

Simon works well when he’s managing lots of different tasks, being stretched with different projects and new products.

“There’s a lot of trust in this company - I like that. I’m given the freedom to work in the way I think’s best. And whatever happens is on my shoulders. Allowing me to add real value to the team."

“I like the autonomy I get in dealing with my clients. I can have good, solid, straightforward conversations. Landmark is not about high-pressure sales; it’s about working with clients to find the best solutions.”

Apart from generating new business, Simon is also one of our AML Compliance Champions. Being clued up on the regulations and the policies & processes agents need to be following in order to comply with them, means Simon really brings an extra bit of expertise to the role. He carries out a number of our Monthly Compliance Corner Webinars and training, as well as the free online Compliance Consultations we offer clients and prospects, to help make sure they are ticking all the right boxes when it comes to their AML obligations. 

A constantly changing industry brings the best challenges.

“I’m excited about the future. I like the ambition of the division and hope it continues."

“There’s a great policy of open communications and adapting to a changing market. The focus is on quality, and there is a really strong core value that no matter what the pressures are from outside, we always put customer quality first. If we continue on this trajectory, we’ll keep going from strength to strength. As long as we grow while keeping our core values at the centre of what we do, it’s going to be exciting."

“We are growing the division, promoting people and bringing in new faces. It’s exciting to look back on where we were and see how we’ve expanded, how we’re increasing the product range and what we offer. A lot is happening, and it’s going to continue because I believe we all have the right attitude.”



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