Meet the Team - Samantha Peacock

Introducing Sammy Peacock, Business Development Manager & Compliance Champion


Sammy charts the beginning of her career back to her final year at Chester University, where she was doing a Psychology degree. Looking at her next steps, she applied for a graduate scheme at Countrywide, which fast-tracked promising young graduates to management and senior leadership positions.

Sammy travelled the country, learning about the lettings side of estate agency. She was immersed in sales, queries, property management and accounts for a year, spending time with HR, Finance and, of course, estate agents.

But it was the sales side she loved, helping people become happy homeowners. She quickly worked her way through the ranks, from Sales Negotiator to Property Valuer.

“I really enjoyed my time as an estate agent. It can be challenging but I loved meeting new people every day and helping them find their dream home. The highlight is definitely completion day when the vendors and buyers are all excited when they come for their keys and to know you played a part in that is amazing,” she says. “You build brilliant relationships with people and it’s so rewarding to help them through what can potentially be a really stressful time.”


Honesty, integrity and flexibility are key

“You do have to hit targets,” Sam says of her time as an estate agent. “But I found the best way to achieve them was really just by being honest, getting on with people and being interested in their home and their story. Moving home is a big step for people and they need to be able to put their trust in you. If you can demonstrate strong knowledge of the property market as well as being able to have great rapport with them, then you are halfway there”.

This combination of integrity, honesty and people skills are something Sammy brought to Landmark in 2016.

“I wanted a new challenge, and Landmark, or ETSOS at that time, was big with solicitors and had just begun making its mark with estate agencies.”

She loved the challenge of moving from B2C to B2B. Talking to people who had their own knowledge of the industry meant her well-formed opinions were valued even more.

As the AML Compliance Champion in our Estate Agency Services division, she spends her time finding solutions to agents’ problems and helping shape our compliance offering.

“We have to be flexible. The AML compliance landscape is constantly changing and so the products have to change as well, in step with customer demand.”


Working with customers to design products and services

“The great thing about this industry is estate agents are really passionate about what they do. The property market is always changing and throwing up new challenges so I love going to events or conferences and meeting the owners of businesses. You always have so much to talk about, sharing great ideas and everyone is so enthusiastic about doing what is best for their clients.”

Sammy is a people-person at heart and really appreciates Landmark’s soft-sell approach.

“We have a more thought leadership style when it comes to selling and it's not just about our products, it's about tapping into the expertise we can provide at the end of the phone. We know our way around the anti-money laundering regulations, and we are here to help support our clients and understand what it is they need. We offer webinars, content and support, not pressure-selling. We like to work with our customers. Our Compliance API solution is an example of a reaction to customer need.”

Asking Sammy what her thoughts were on this ever-changing industry, she commented“Agents are moving more and more towards trying to get as much information upfront as possible to shorten that conveyancing period and getting clients legally prepared sooner. This industry never stands still. Working with estate agents and helping them is why I love this job.”


Big plans and long walks

When Sammy isn’t taking care of her clients, she spends her time exploring the highways and byways of the UK, discovering local restaurants and going on walks.

“I love at the weekend just getting in the car, going for a long drive trying to find new restaurants we haven’t been to before. My favourite city in the UK to visit is definitely York. My husband and I go a few times a year for long weekends and no two visits are ever the same.   

“I absolutely love going abroad with family and friends; who doesn’t? The excitement of being in the airport with a glass of Prosecco, no matter the time of day, and splurging in duty-free.”

She has big plans for a property portfolio of her own so that when she retires, her and her husband can continue travelling to as many places as possible. “I would love to rent a huge RV and explore all the corners of America.”

Sammy is currently off on a different kind of adventure at the moment, called parenthood, following the birth of her first child but will be returning from maternity leave in the summer.


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