Meet the Team - Emily Stevens

Introducing our Product Manager, Emily Stevens

Emily has always been drawn to earth sciences and related subjects, so when a family friend employed at Landmark suggested she apply for a customer service role, it was a good fit.

“I studied geography at university for enjoyment,” she says, “so working for a company that dealt with land and property information really appealed.”

After two and a half years in customer service, learning about all the different reports Landmark offered and coming to understand common queries and red flags, Emily moved over into Argyll Environmental. Here, she was an Environmental Consultant responsible for writing reports and getting involved earlier in the customer journey. During her time with Argyll Environmental, she grew her interest in the reports & services offered to customers, and always volunteered to get involved in any product-related opportunities.

“After about a year, I saw a vacancy within the Landmark Estate Agency Services division. I applied for it and got the role of Product Manager. There were several of us in the team when I started, but they’ve all been redeployed around the Group, so now it’s just me!”


Building up from scratch

“My days are really collaborative and I could be talking to anyone around the company, including our Development, Compliance & Legal, Customer Support, or the wider Product Teams, as well as external suppliers and customers.

In 2019 we began work on the LandmarkAgent platform which involved user experience customer sessions, organising trials, getting feedback, and incorporating that feedback into the platform.”

It’s not surprising Emily likes to plan six months to a year in advance. “We need to plan everything from budgeting, time frames and the delivery plans, right down to the nitty-gritty of rolling out new products or features.”

“Customer feedback is key,” she continues. “We get a lot of really valuable information direct from customers, as well as from customer support who hear what agents are having trouble with, or how they need something to work. So, we go back to the team to tweak and improve the service… always striving to make things better.”


Empowering agents to be the best they can be

“My job is focused on empowering agents to be the best they can be. We are trying to support them and solve different pains because the market is continually changing – especially recently. It’s essential to be constantly reviewing our customers’ and market challenges in order to provide them with the right solutions.  

Despite significant changes in the market during 2020, our core proposition to agents hasn’t changed: we want to provide our customers with tools to support them in their day-to-day tasks, providing efficiency gains and enabling faster transactions, with reduced risk.  

“We want to provide agents with everything that need to take control of the transaction, ensuring that they can focus on taking on and selling more properties. This includes more automation & less manual work, providing efficiency gains for customers in a turbulent market when their workload is significant.

Although she’s always busy, Emily loves her job.

“I’m lucky to work with such a supportive bunch of people. We work together to solve our customers’ challenges and are constantly trying to be the best we can be, and I love working in a motivated environment like that. Because the team is quite small, we’re quite tight-knit and collaborative. I’m really looking forward to making more things happen for our customers over the next few years.”



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