Meet the Team - Ben Robinson

Introducing Ben Robinson, Managing Director of Landmark Estate Agency Services


Ben has spent his life around estate agencies and property development, having grown up in a family that owned a multi-branch agency. Although he was, to some extent, expected to step into the family business, and certainly spent his weekends and summers working in and around the family business, Ben developed an interest early on in starting businesses and growing them.

But, he’s never been one to just follow the status quo, preferring to tread his own path and find out for himself what building blocks are required to make something successful.

To this end, he studied Business Economics at Manchester University before taking a role at a large holiday park as a trainee manager, hoping to get the skills required to create and run businesses. Within a few months, he was approached by the local franchise of PSG.

He jumped at the chance to learn about building a business, and together, they quickly became the biggest franchise of PSG, despite being the youngest, taking 80% of market share in the north-west of England.

Part of their success came from Ben’s existing knowledge of what estate agents needed, and the dedication to providing that. At the time they shook up the market by offering home information packs to estate agents and linking in energy certificates and floorplans.

In time, the PSG franchise was sold, and the team created Estate Technical Solutions (ETSOS). Again, using his personal industry insight and experience into the wants and needs of estate agents, Ben ran the agency division.

When ETSOS was acquired by Landmark Information Group, Ben continued to ensure Landmark Estate Agency Services kept, at its core, the desire to serve agents with key information, quickly and efficiently, helping them to mitigate risk.

For him, it has been an exciting opportunity, because Landmark is uniquely placed across the span of the property transaction to help people do something he has always striven for - putting people back in control of their transactions.


Inspiring the vision of Landmark Estate Agency Services

Because Ben retains his connections to the family business, he has a personal interest in making things easier and better for estate agents.

“We are very much here to be a trusted partner in the property industry. We want to give agents the things they need, with experts who back up our technology when needed.”

For Ben, it’s about pulling the products and services together to solve pain points at every stage of the property transaction, and then working hard to get the transaction through.

By taking products like Quick Sale Ready and No Sale No Fee, which both offer ways to bring key data forward in the transaction process, the Landmark Estate Agency Services’ vision of enabling faster transactions, with more certainty and less risk is becoming stronger.

By constantly looking for ways to add value, like free training materials, templates and policies, Ben and his team are positioned to speed up transactions and respond quickly if the market changes.

“We automate as many of the agent’s pains as we can, we remove the burden of red tape, we let them focus on what’s most important to them - taking on new properties and selling them. By encouraging people to get involved earlier so solicitors have in hand, from the start, what they need to do the work, we are encouraging more effective communication, all underpinned by our data.”

Ben is happy to acknowledge, he doesn’t get superb results alone.

“We are an exceptional team, but not a big one. We are very much about producing the best, most relevant tech, but backing it by people, because people are there to help when tech alone cannot achieve the end result, so every client gets a named account manager. It allows us to have a laser focus on what the customer needs.”


Roles and Responsibilities

Ben is happy to talk at length about his team and is proud of what they achieve.

“My role is to put Landmark Estate Agency Services in the right strategic direction and empower the team to do excellent work. We have an amazing team, and you can’t prove that any more than in that we’ve doubled in size despite tough market conditions. They’ve managed to grow the business, year on year, and win awards, year on year. Our internal measurement, the NPS (Net Promotor Score) is in the world-class range.”

“The team is fantastic. I’m not a micromanager at all, and I just don’t need to be. They are exceptional people who are fantastic at what they do. I’m there to nurture that skill. We set the strategy together, but they build their own part out of that. The encouragement is for them to self-develop. Really, I’m there to say, “what’s in the way of you doing exceptionally well?” because if there’s something in the way, I’ll get it out of the way. If you need support, or a tool, or resources, I’ll bring it.”

This approach is both respected and appreciated by the team, who are the first to say they relish the responsibility and control they have over their work, and, as one of the faster growing businesses within Landmark, it looks like it’s a strategy that works.


For more information on the range of services available from Landmark Estate Agency Services, visit our website or call us on 01524 220013.