It's not unusual, either, that the property you're being shown around has been cleared of its day-to-day clutter so that you're presented with a minimalist showroom giving the impression of greater space. When moving day arrives, many home buyers or new tenants have encountered problems trying to squeeze their own furnishings into rooms of different dimensions, only to discover they can't keep their their intended living room layout, or worse, they have to lose an armchair or sofa to fit it all in. 

Fortunately, many estate agents, now that they have the technology at their disposal, can help their customers overcome this problem. By using sales enhancement software like Metropix's suite of online floor plans and interactive tools, customers can take their time to explore a virtual representation of the properties they're interested in, and experiment with different furnishings and living room designs (even the decorating and accessories like coffee tables) in a more relaxed manner.

With Metropix's range of software, estate agents can bring a new dimension to their property listings online, adding floor plans, fully furnished 3D renderings and even three-dimensional representations of the properties in settings provided by Google Earth. To enhance the experience further, there is an interactive tool, the 'Space Planner', so customers can drag-and-drop furniture on to the empty plans and then view the rooms from different angles in a 3D format. The floor plans, which can be created within minutes using a number of different methods, form the basis of an immersive visualisation of the home.  From the hallway through the living room and on to the dining, room, kitchen or even the bathroom, with the tools supplied by Metropix you can create a total view of a property. 


Living Room Layout Tool

In short, Metropix can provide all the tools needed for you to design your living room layout online. But it's not software that's just intended to help sell properties to potential house buyers. Even if you're planning on staying put, Metropix software makes for an ideal home design tool. If you're thinking about an extension, or even just planning a new furniture arrangement in your living room, this handy suite of software can produce anything from a black and white 2D floor plan to an animated colour 3D walk-through of your home, all of which allows you to experiment in a relaxing manner, so go ahead, mix and match the furniture and the décor too. The tool allows for the placement of windows and things like chairs and all the other interior items that make up a modern contemporary home.

Here's how it works. Registered subscribers can draw their own plans using the quick and easy 'Draw Your Own' software, without even having to download and install anything. The simple and intuitive interface means that you can have an empty floor plan ready in minutes - complete with major fixtures and fittings such as radiators, fireplaces and so on. The interface also has a bank of furniture that you can drag, drop and resize, allowing you to plan a basic 2D representation of your living room. If you don't want to draw the floor plan from scratch, you have access to 'PlanBank', a repository of plans already drawn up by Metropix. Simply enter the address or zoom in on it on the Google map, and you can call up the plans and start to modify them. Once you've completed your floor plan, you're almost ready to design your living room (not to mention your bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen too).

Upgrade your layout with the free classic 'Colour Floor Plan' tool, and you have additional features, including being able to set the exterior wall thickness, even more icons for furniture and fittings and the option of displaying measurements and areas in the room so that furniture can be accurately sized, placed, and moved around to find the optimum living space. You can identify your focal points in the room and decide where the TV will go. And with furniture and features from fireplaces down to pot plants and occasional tables, you can start to form an accurate representation of your new living room. 

The 'Colour Floor Plan' upgrade puts your plan on a springboard into the third dimension. From here, you can generate a three-dimensional representation of your room or home at the click of a button. Priced individually and rendered in full colour, with an option to choose exterior surfaces, the 3D plans are available within a few hours of being generated. With options to choose exterior brickwork and to display with or without furniture, the plans present a realistic model of your rooms. Alternatively, you can generate a full animated 3D visualisation of your living room as a part of a virtual walk-through of the house. This feature is particularly useful if your home design involves some structural changes within the property or if you are planning an extension, as it gives an idea of how the new layout will look in the context of the rest of the floor. 

Metropix's suite of floor plan software is more than just an estate agent's sales tool. Whether you're moving or not, and whether you're extending or just rearranging your living space, the software provides a simple and easy way for visualising living room designs.