Potential buyers are looking for as much information as possible to help make the huge decision of whether to commit to what could be the biggest purchase they ever make - with clear and simple floor plans being high on the wish list. Detailed floor plans are a must-have part of any sales pack, and these are easy to produce using an interior design tool. Research has shown that those homes that have floor plans as part of their sales packs generate 30% more interest from potential purchasers than those without.

The process really couldn’t be simpler: there are no time-consuming downloads to contend with, and you can get started immediately. While the whole process is truly intuitive from start to finish, should you run into any difficulties, there is full range of support options including videos, so you can request help and advice quickly at no additional cost. A three-bedroom property will typically take under five minutes to make a room plan for, so it is certainly not an arduous process.


Floor Plan Software

Flexibility is key when producing floor plans, as they may need to be updated and revised a number of times. You can choose a simple 2D plan that does exactly what it says on the tin and can be included in a printed sales pack. Or if you are planning on advertising online, you are able to really push the boat out and utilise our 3D, interactive or space planning options to really show off your home to its best advantage. Estate agents often use our Planbank tool accurately represent the layout of a property. All you need to do is input your postcode to generate the plans available in your area, making it easy to select a good match. For an extra ‘wow’ factor, you could opt to add on our PicturePlus package. This will allow to you to create a detailed online floor plan with the added bonus of integrated high-resolution photos of the rooms themselves. This gives potential buyers the ability to click on any room and see exactly what the current house interior design is like. 


3D Interior Design

If you are settled in a great home but are thinking of extending, maybe with the addition of a new bathroom or a bigger kitchen, why not consider doing your initial planning online? This is a great time to really think about what you want to get from your new space and exactly how you want to live in it. Our software allows you to visualise an extension in 3D (the graphics are great) and even drag-and-drop furniture so that you can see how you can use your new space in the most productive way. You can save valuable time and money doing some basic designs before approaching an expert, as you will have established exactly what sort of addition to your home you are hoping for and what you need the brief to include. Many potential purchasers (or tenants) want to get a real idea of how they will live in and use the space of their chosen property. This is now an easy wish to fulfil via our Space Planner. You simply access our extensive furniture library, select items as desired and then drag-and-drop them into rooms on the plan as required.

If you have already found the home of your dreams but are struggling to visualise how best to live in it, creating a detailed floor plan of each room will often result in a ‘eureka!’ moment when you realise how you can use the space you have available to best suit the needs of you and your family. In short you can become a top interior designer at the click of mouse using our space planning technology. We make it simple and easy to do and will often have the welcome side effect of inspiring some new interior design ideas. Simply select items from our comprehensive furniture library, and then drag-and-drop them into rooms on your floor plan. Using our planning tools is a very flexible way to plan out your home, as you can alter the plans with a click of the mouse, making it easy to play around with all sort of different configurations, including seating areas and the placement of large items of furniture such as beds. You may be surprised at the options that open up when you have access to the right online interior design 2D and 3D tools. You can now make the most of every room in your home using simple software that is child’s play to use but that produces an extremely professional end result.

Whatever changes to your living arrangements you are contemplating, from selling up to adding a dream extension, you will find our interior design software will help you to realise your plans efficiently and at a great price.