How long does it really take to make a floor plan?

Floor plans used to be a specialist skill, which lead to added expense and a long, drawn out procedure to get your hands on one. This simply is no longer the case and in response to the frequent "how long does a floor plan take?" question, we devised our very own competition, so our estate agency customers could answer this for us! 

During the competition, we asked all entrants to draw a 3 bedroom property from our archive. Plans had to be drawn accurately and mirror the guide we had provided. It will come as no surprise that we had some super competitive agents taking part, which saw a new record set!

Congratulation to Adrian Whale of James Sellicks, who won the competition with an impressive time of 02:45!! This was followed by Rebecca Wilson of Beercocks (03:09) and Tom Revell of Williams & Donovan (03:14). A huge well done to our top 3; prizes will be on the way shortly!

While these times are pretty fast (and very impressive), we were delighted to see that every entrant to the competition submitted a plan entry in LESS than 5 minutes! This level of speed is achievable for everyone and we provide first class training and support to help get you there - it doesn't take long to pick things up either! You can book your next training session with us online - it's free! 


Here's a summary of our Top 10 entries

1. Adrian Whale, James Sellicks, 02:45

2. Rebecca Wilson, Beercocks, 03:09

3. Tom Revell, Williams & Donovan, 03:14

4. Anna Eccles, Beercocks, 03:17

5. Matthew Lee, Kelvin Francis, 03:28

6. Gemma Sykes, J Lord & Co, 03:36

7. Rebecca Brettell, J Lord & Co, 04:05

8. Adam Barnes, Hunter and Company, 04:10

9. Joanne Carlyon, Howards Estate Agents Ltd, 04:49

10. Chris Slawson, Stack and Bonner, 04:51


Do floor plans really take a long time to make? Not with an award winning, super quick and easy service, supported by a friendly team of experts! 


Thank you to everyone that entered!