Home Moving Trends 2017: Are you in?

The survey is designed to deliver key insights to estate agency professionals in areas where other surveys simply do not extend. ?As always Property Academy is keen to encourage as many agents as possible to take part? to make the results, which participating agents will receive, as valuable as last year's which generated nearly 20,000 responses?.

 The research is about the choices that movers make. How did they find you? Why did they choose you? And what was it like to be moved by you? 


 The results can be surprising and often challenge common-held beliefs: 

  • 25% of vendors only asked one agent for a valuation, but of the 75% who met with more than one agent, only 25% chose the agent with the lowest fee
  • Only 16% of vendors sell their properties through the agent they originally bought through. Are you missing out on repeat business?
  • Only 9% of landlords instructed an agent based solely on their fee but 85% appointed based on trustworthiness and service offering
  • 12% of tenants also own properties but only 58% of those would instruct their rental agent to let on their behalf.


How do you fare against the national average? 

Click here to register to take part

Once you have registered you will be sent a unique survey link(s) to distribute to your vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants (as relevant), along with email copy to make it really easy.


The survey's accuracy and scope is reliant on the involvement of as many agents as possible across the country. All agents generating responses will receive a copy of the report; agents generating more than 40 responses will receive a copy of their own findings; and those generating more than 100 responses will receive their own findings compared with the national report. There is no charge to take part and the Property Academy do not record or pass on any personal data from those taking part in the surveys. To incentivise your clients, all fully completed surveys will be entered into a draw to win £500 of Marks and Spencer vouchers*.


The survey will be open from 14th – 30th June so please register asap to receive your survey link. Initial findings will be ready to announce at the EA Masters event on 22nd September in London - for more information please visit