Here to help with your summer plans!

Here we are in the midst of the August summer holidays. With the sun out and many staff taking a break from work, we are hearing from clients who tell us that this can slow your business down or generate resource issues, with less people in the office to manage the required workload.
To overcome this, the team here at Metropix is ready to offer a helping hand and assist you with the creation of floor plans. From a simple hand-drawn sketch, we will create a professionally-drawn plan within 24-hours and ensure it matches your unique company style. With free online amendments, AutoDraw is a simple pay-as-you-go service that starts from £5.95 per property for subscribers, which can be used occasionally to cover holiday absences, or even for every property you market - the choice is yours.  
Our expert UK-based team is on hand to complete the work for you and remove the stress of being short-staffed in an instant. To find out more about our AutoDraw service, contact the team today.
Happy Holidays!