Have you thought about this before?

I’m going to say something controversial…

If you decide to outsource your floor plans to be drawn by a third party, you might save some time in your diary. But ask yourself, “is this actually what my client wants?”

Sending plans to a third party creates some extra time in your diary but what about your vendors who may be inconvenienced by the need to co-ordinate another appointment for a third party to draw up the plan... is it really in their best interests to wait 2,3,4 days plus for a floor plan to come back?

Of course not.

You’ve signed the agency agreement at 12:45; would it not be truly exceptional to return the floor plan on the same day? Show that things are really, really moving. This is a prime opportunity to demonstrate why you’re the right choice, how effective you are, and deliver the floor plan to your client with absolute efficiency.

We’ll also save you money.

A Metropix plan can cost as little as a cup of coffee, which you could drink in the same time it takes to draw the plan. Compare this to visiting services costing £40 - £60 plus; the savings are astronomical. Agents do a great job at generating new revenue, but this is a simple ‘quick win’ to keep more money in your account.

Save £40 on every floor plan? Yes please.

Metropix Mobile is also on the horizon, which will add more options to your workforce. Agents can draw the plan offline on their iPad and send it back to the office when they’re next online. Contact us today to register your interest and be among the first to try it.

  • Impress vendors – same day delivery of floor plan
  • Save money – up to £55 per plan in cases
  • Very little time and effort involved

If you’d like to save money and impress your newly acquired clients, contact us today to try Metropix for your business on 01184 672 800 or email