Have a plan and stick to it

Ahead of ARLA’s 2018 Conference this month, here are 5 MASSIVE reasons why your letting business will get a boost by offering floor plans.


1. Genuinely stand out

“How are you different from the others agents in town?” your prospective landlord might ask. You’ll be expecting this question, but it’s a great time to throw floor plans into the mix. Metropix research shows just c.20% of lettings properties contains a plan on the portals... this is a great opportunity to stand out.

It’s very likely that the landlord has not been offered a floor plan so far, so use this to your advantage. Higher quality listings contain floor plans, good photos and all useful information for the tenant. This, of course, is what your landlord wants for their property to have as well.


2. Long term benefits

A Metropix floor plan is typically drawn up in 6 or 7 minutes. We have our new iPad app so you can even draw at the property too (how good does that look to the landlord?!).

Once that plan is drawn, it’s yours and free to re-use. Forever. That way, when it comes to finding new tenants in the future, you’ve got a ready-made floor plan to use immediately.

You can also re-use it for sales too. If the situation arises where your agency is going to sell the property at some point in the future, you’re one step ahead here as well.



3. But we let our properties so quickly, we don’t need a floor plan

In the main, there can be some accuracy in that statement. Our work with letting agents is focused on winning new instructions, impressing the Landlord with something almost unique in this sector.
Rightmove state that 37% of Landlords would not invite an agent to value their property if they didn’t offer floor plans.
For the sake of a couple of pounds and a few minutes to draw up a floor plan, you could be winning even more instructions by demonstrating exactly how forward thinking your agency is, using the best marketing tools.


4. Leading agents have been doing lettings floor plans for years

Floor plans get results and are a wonderful tool to empower your business with. Here, we look at Romans, based in the South East.

Floor plans have been commonplace in the sale of properties for years so why should rental be any different when tenants still have all of the same requirements?” says Peter Fuller, Director at Romans which has been using floor plans in its rental property listings for more than 10 years.

In our experience providing a floor plan is standard practice for rental properties and is equally important as providing good quality images so I can’t think of too many reasons why an agent would opt not to provide one. We've been extremely successful in growing our letting business, and the way in which we market a property, of which the floor plan is part, is a stand out factor.” Fuller adds. 


5. Tenants want them!

As many as one in five tenants could be ignoring a lettings listing that doesn’t include a floor plan, according to Rightmove. 

As with the belief of Romans, the importance of floor plans to tenants is on par with that of buyers. Having a floor plan will generate more interest in your properties (up to 30% say Rightmove). 

It is your goal to place the tenant into a home that meets their requirements. It should be your ambition to win them over and provide such a great service, that when they are in another position in future to use or recommend an agent, they are singing your praise. There is no better recommendation than that.


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