Metropix has been the UK's foremost supplier of floor plan software since 2005. We deliver solutions to many leading residential estate agencies and to major businesses in the lettings market. Over the years, our products have evolved and grown more sophisticated to reflect our clients' changing requirements and developments in the technology industry. We now have an extensive range of floor planner software to accommodate the needs of a global clientele, and we are confident we can provide the floor plan creator to suit your business needs.

In fact, on average, seven floor plans are created using Metropix every minute of every working day, which demonstrates the popularity of our drawing tools.

Our suite of software comprises the Classic Floor Plan drawing options, which can be upgraded, often on a complimentary basis, to become more specialised, added-value floor layout / planner products.


Floor Plans

The Classic Floor Plan range itself comprises four drawing options, all designed to help your company produce the attractive, practical and professional house floor plans which are critical to the successful marketing and sale of properties. These, briefly, are:

Draw Your Own - This is an immensely popular and cost-effective "DIY" floor plan / layout generator. Within five minutes and by taking three simple steps, you can conveniently create a professional-standard floor plan, making use of innovative tools such as our "drag and drop" drawing system. With this product, there is no software to be installed, and provided you have a PC with internet access, you can draw up plans (which can even include the locations of windows) at any time and in any place. This can be a useful asset to agents who travel and spend much time away from the office.

PLANBANK - Our archive is a respository for millions of floor plans. PLANBANK allows you enter a postcode and it will quickly search for nearby property plans. From the list of results, you can select a similar plan to use as a template, making any amendments and deletions speedily. This product has the potential to save you valuable time which can be used elsewhere in your business.

AutoDraw - This floor plan maker permits you, on a one-off basis or as part of a subscription package, to sketch floor plans and send them to Metropix. We will then produce for you a professional floor plan within twenty-four hours. 

DEA - Available only within the United Kingdom, this service is designed to help Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) develop plans for agents which will be compliant with all the criteria for receipt of an Energy Performance Certificate. Metropix will provide free online support for DEAs as part of this service.

While each of these is a powerful floor plan tool in its own right, we have developed several upgrade packages, some of which we will provide on a complimentary basis. These are designed to add value to your projects. Currently available are:

Colour Floor Plans - This convenient and creative product enables you to enhance your business website and property particulars by creating clear and attractive floor plans which can be customised in bespoke colours and include features such as your company logo. Simple and ready to use instantly, the plans can be accessed online or offline for your convenience.

PicturePlus Plans - This service is free to Metropix subscribers, and it allows you to offer clients a value-added interactive experience. They can access a floor plan, click on a room and be shown the related photograph, helping them envisage a property.

Space Planner - Designed to allow prospective buyers and tenants to visualise how they could live in a property, this enables them to use "drag and drop" to insert pictures of furniture into room plans.

3D Floor Plans - This generates realistic 3D models of properties directly from the Classic Floor Plan and can be customised in several ways. For example, you can select exterior brickwork and the sizes of the windows.

3D Walkthrough - Using this software, you can allow your clients to take online tours of your portfolio of properties in order to obtain a realistic impression of the house and its possibilities by virtually walking from room to room. 

Inside 3DGE - Making intelligent use of technological resources like Google Earth, this tool enables you to create a 3D model of a property and then use Inside 3DGE to map it in its exact location.

Maps - Our maps, licensed by Ordnance Survey, are an essential feature in the marketing of a property.

Our clients range from large national estate agencies to smaller independent businesses, and their requirements and budgets clearly vary. Our highly trained staff are equipped to help you navigate the decision-making process to choose the most appropriate products and subscription packages for your company. 

The products are extremely simple and intuitive to use, but we provide training to help you while you grow accustomed to them, and our ongoing technical support is extensive and provided via telephone, email or webinar by experienced and knowledgeable professional and technical in-house staff.

Buying a property is one of the most expensive and life-changing decisions your clients will make. Floor plan software can help you to provide them with the clear material and interactive experiences they need to make an informed decision. Research demonstrates that houses marketed with the assistance of high-quality house floor plans are sold more quickly. This, in turn, will be reflected in the success and profitability of your business.