And with the rise of the internet as a primary marketing channel, agencies are offering vendors and buyers a whole host of graphics-driven marketing, including estate agent floor plan software. These packages can offer everything from simple 2D floor plans to 3D virtual reality tours of properties, with links to Google Earth images. Potential buyers or renters will do much of their ‘viewing’ online these days and decide whether or not to view a house based solely on the information given to them online, it’s all so easy now to click and go experience!


Domestic Floor Plan Software

Previously, floorplans were expensive, and it meant smaller independent agencies were often not able to justify the expense, making it harder for the independents to be competitive. But with the rise in the popularity of estate agent floor plan software, companies like Metropix, which has been working with the industry for over a decade, are able to offer some of the market’s best house floor plans with a range of graphics services to suit every budget and every size of business, from the stand-alone agency with the local expertise to the big multi-outlet organisations with access to much larger marketing budgets.

Metropix operates on a monthly subscription basis, with no minimum contract term, which means no expensive initial outlay or long-term commitment - perfect if you’re considering a new approach to your online marketing and sales. And rest assured that all packages come with the same standard of support and advice. Your clients, the buyers and vendors, will be benefiting from some of the best house floor plans available. The standard subscription plans starting from £39.75 a month and best of all remember all our software has an intuitive, easy to use interface.

The first step is to decide on which drawing plan you’d like to offer as part of your professional estate agent services. Draw your Own is as the name suggests - the agent creates the floorplan, drops in the features (doorways, stairs, fireplaces) and that’s your plan complete. Once you’re used to it, you can create a floorplan in around five minutes.

If you don’t want to go down the DIY route, then perhaps Autodraw would suit you better. Simply upload or fax your sketch, and Metropix will create the plan for you. The ‘per-plan’ surcharge starts at just £5.95 with any Metropix subscription, and once the plan is completed, it can be amended easily online by the agent.

PlanBank allows agents to search a database of floorplans based on the postcode of your property. The search will show up all properties in that area, and all that’s needed is to pick the layout closest to your requirements and amend as needed.

Energy Assessment Floorplans

Finally, we offer the DEA delivery option. This allows your energy assessor to create a plan as part of the EPC information. Once complete, we email you a link to the floorplan, and you can then update and amend as required.

So you’ve decided which drawing option you’d like. Now what? Well, now you have to decide which format you’d like. Perhaps start with the Classic Floorplan, which is simple, easy-to-use, effective and incredibly flexible. Go for an eye-catching monochrome plan, or you can choose to colour-code your plans - perhaps to match your logo, put in features and furniture with our numerous icons and add in your company logo as a watermark.

Our standard subscription also includes PicturePlus, which enables you to include photographs - just hover over the camera icon on the floor plan to see the thumbnail, or click on the icon to open a full-screen photo.

And the third element included in the Standard Subscription is Space Planner. This innovative tool allows prospective buyers or renters to drag-and-drop furniture on the floor plan to see how their furniture might fit for the best house design. The Space Planner can be seen in 2D or 3D and puts an end to the dilemma of ‘will our sofa fit in this room?'

For those agencies that want to offer clients even more, you can choose the Premium Subscription, which includes everything on the Standard package and enables you to offer clients 3D floor plans, 3D walk-throughs, as well as the stunning 3DGE - Metropix’s unique technology option. 3DGE is the reason we consider ourselves to be market leaders. It creates a 3D model based on the Classic Floor Plan. It then puts the house in its precise geographical location with the help of Google Earth.

From the comfort of their homes, prospective clients can ‘look round’ a detailed representation of the property and its environment. 3D modelling is particularly helpful for clients who feel that they can’t visualise the layout of a house, or how their furniture might fit, prior to organising a viewing. Seeing where exactly the property is will alleviate concerns about location, such as how close to a main road the house actually is or what the walk to school or the station might be like.

Both our estate agent floor plan software packages also come with the facility to include Ordnance Survey maps. These can be added when you create the floorplan. And whether you go for the Standard or Premium subscription, you’ll be able to access Metropix’s professional training and support, this including ‘how to’ videos.