With Efficiency and Style, We’re All Winners.

It’s been over a month since Metropix won the ESTAS Floor Plans – Best in Sector award and it’s given us even more motivation to keep on producing the best service we can!

4,000 floor plans are drawn daily with Metropix. And it’s no wonder. People get excited about images, and it’s no different with floor plans. Potential customers use them to help visualise themselves in their new home. Clear, attractive floor plans help them see themselves in the home you’re selling.

The release of the new Metropix version is imminent. Our customer service team have listened to your queries and questions...and passed that information on to the developers. Soon, you’ll be enjoying some very practical benefits:

  • Drag & drop and click & hold have been modernised, making it easier to create and tweak your plans
  • Drop-down menus for room types have been updated. They’re easier to view and select
  • Increase accuracy by changing wall thickness of older or modern, bespoke properties
  • We’ve made going up and down the stairs a breeze, simply drag & drop the right symbol and snap it in place
  • Deal with curved walls and irregular shapes in a click
  • The new version works on any browser, on both Windows and Mac, delivering better performance and enhanced experience.


Depend upon the same great features and services that have made us five-time winners!

  • Save time with PlanBank  - take advantage of your unique bank of plans created by yourselves over the years. It’s constantly updated by you and our customers, so you might even find some new builds on there
  • A dedicated support team are key features of our service. Let us take your staff from novice to experts in floor plan design with basic, refresher and advanced training!
  • Sleek, responsive design with a professional finish. How your listings look on your website will decide whether potential home-owners will pay you a visit - or not
  • Enhance the credibility and professionalism of your all your branches with a consistent layout and easy-to-read technical diagrams
  • Even though the new version is fast, easy and responsive, you might still want to outsource your floor plan creation to our team of experts. Get your staff viewing the next property while we take care of drawing your professional floor plan, ready to download within 24 hours
  • Appeal to the internet generation with colour floor plans and stand out with branded designs

Thank you again for all your support and we’re proud to keep working hard to bring you the best!

We’ve made sure it’s also easy and fast to get in touch.

For more information, a refresher or a no-obligation free trial, call us on 01184 672 800 or email