Delete a wall

When visiting a property to create a floor plan, there are a range of style and layouts that you will come across. 

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Split level stairs

When drawing a Floor plan for a property, there are often cases where there are a set of stairs that go between two rooms, on the same floor.  In Metropix we call this a Split Level staircase.

L shape room

When creating a floor plan for a property, there are very few that will have just square or rectangular rooms. There will be many that are L shaped, and this is incredibly easy to create with Metropix.

How to draw a floor plan

See how to draw a complete floor plan for a 1 bedroom flat.

When visiting a property to create a floor plan, there are a range of style and layouts that you will come across. A rather frequent item that arises is the need to delete a wall. Most typically, this can be used when creating an open plan space, for example where a kitchen and dining room occupy one shared area.

In these cases, we will want to show a room label for each section, clearly representing the ‘kitchen’ and ‘dining room’. To do this, you can add each room separately to the floor plan. To finish, you simply drag an ‘opening’ symbol onto the dividing wall. By increasing the size, this creates an opening and, in effect, deletes the wall on your floor plan image.

Other examples may include a dressing area, alcove or where part of a wall is present within a room.

The video above gives quick and easy reference to see how this works as and when you need it.

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Floor Plan Drawing Support Team

The Metropix system itself is really easy to use and in addition to our support area, we have a dedicated team at hand to help you with all things floor plan related. Simply give us a call or submit a message through our contact form to get assistance from our friendly team. The chances are you won’t need to contact us that often, but when you do, we’ll make sure we impress you.

Deleting a Wall on a Floor Plan

Transcript of the video:-

00:04 to delete a wall, tool select the opening symbol
00:07 from the list to rag that on and place
00:11 it on the relevant wall you'll see that
00:13 takes a section of all away immediately
00:15 this line won't appear on your final
00:18 plan you can then select the dots and
00:20 adjust the size by dragging these
00:22 squares you can make it bigger and
00:24 smaller you can also drag the dot to
00:26 move it if you need to and that will
00:29 remove the section of wall