Curved walls

When creating a floor plan for a property, sadly not all walls are straight, and you may come across some curved walls. 

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Split level stairs

When drawing a Floor plan for a property, there are often cases where there are a set of stairs that go between two rooms, on the same floor.  In Metropix we call this a Split Level staircase.

L shape room

When creating a floor plan for a property, there are very few that will have just square or rectangular rooms. There will be many that are L shaped, and this is incredibly easy to create with Metropix.

How to draw a floor plan

See how to draw a complete floor plan for a 1 bedroom flat.

When creating a floor plan for a property, sadly not all walls are straight, and you may come across some curved walls. An example of this would be in a bay window. There is an option to draw this very easily and accurately using Metropix.

Firstly draw your room with straight walls. Once you are happy with this, go to the Menu at the top left of the Metropix page. Click on “Edit” and a drop down menu will appear. Click the “Draw Curved Wall” option. A red square will appear on your cursor. Click and hold your mouse on the wall at the point you would like to start, and drag your mouse to create the curve, (this will appear quite uneven as you are drawing). When you get to the end point release the mouse and a smooth curved wall will magically appear.

You can also add windows to the curved wall, just click and drag the symbol from the menu, and resize as required.

The training video above demonstrates this very clearly. The curved wall option can also be used to create circular rooms.

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Besides this video we also have ones to help you create ‘bay windows of all shapes and sizes’, to plan an ‘L shaped room’, one for ‘Split level floors’ plus how to draw ‘angled walls’ or to ‘add stairs between two or more floors’.

There are also videos on ‘deleting walls’ and one that covers the system’s ability to ‘copy a symbol that is already on your floor plan’, this saving you lots of time.

Floor Plan Drawing Support Team

The Metropix system itself is really easy to use and in addition to our support area, we have a dedicated team at hand to help you with all things floor plan related. Simply give us a call or submit a message through our contact form to get assistance from our friendly team. The chances are you won’t need to contact us that often, but when you do, we’ll make sure we impress you.

Adding Curved Walls

Transcript of the video:-

  1. to draw a curved wall select edit and then draw curved wall
  2. you are then give a red cursor
  3. place this cursor where the curve begins
  4. Left click and hold and then drag to draw your curved shape to end point on the straight wall and then release.
  5. You can also create a window by selecting one from the symbols box