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Your floor plans will vary, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From mansions to boathouses, studios to oasts, the Metropix system has seen it all. 

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Split level stairs

When drawing a Floor plan for a property, there are often cases where there are a set of stairs that go between two rooms, on the same floor.  In Metropix we call this a Split Level staircase.

L shape room

When creating a floor plan for a property, there are very few that will have just square or rectangular rooms. There will be many that are L shaped, and this is incredibly easy to create with Metropix.

How to draw a floor plan

See how to draw a complete floor plan for a 1 bedroom flat.

Your floor plans will vary, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From mansions to boathouses, studios to oasts, the Metropix system has seen it all. We’ve even drawn a property resembling the Millennium Falcon!

Something that is a certainty on your floor plans will be the inclusion of symbols. Doors and windows being the essential requirement, then extending to fitted items (bathroom and kitchen in the main), right the way up to adding furnishings.

It will be a regular occurrence to see repetition in the symbols on your plan. For example, a string of windows and doors that are exactly the same in size and orientation. Metropix is king at time-saving and this is an area we help you draw even faster as well.

Rather than adding each symbol to the plan individually, changing its position and then sizing it, you can simply add it one time…then copy it!

To do this, firstly, add the symbol as you need it to be on your plan. Next hold the CTRL key (bottom left on your keyboard) while dragging the blue dot of the symbol. Keep holding CTRL and as you drag the symbol, you’ll see a new one is created.

You can repeat this as many times as you need. It also works for stairs, as well as all other symbols too. Metropix is quick to make plans with. Using this time-saving tip will shave off even more seconds.

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Besides this video we also have ones to help you create ‘bay windows of all shapes and sizes’, to plan an ‘L shaped room’, one for ‘Split level floors’ plus how to draw ‘curved walls’ and ‘angled walls’ or to ‘adding stairs between different floors’. There is also a video on ‘deleting walls’.

Floor Plan Drawing Support Team

The Metropix system itself is really easy to use and in addition to our support area, we have a dedicated team at hand to help you with all things floor plan related. Simply give us a call or submit a message through our contact form to get assistance from our friendly team. The chances are you won’t need to contact us that often, but when you do, we’ll make sure we impress you.

Using the Copy Symbols Function on a Floor Plan

Transcript of the video:-
00:04 once you've added a symbol you can hold
00:06 the control key on your keyboard and
00:08 then drag the dot with your mouse left
00:11 click and hold to drag a new door and
00:14 same again hold control drag the dots
00:16 and that creates another door also works
00:20 for windows and any other symbol with a
00:22 dot hold the control key and drag and
00:25 that's a really fast way of adding
00:27 multiple symbols that need to be the same size