That’s why it is so essential that the best possible building design software solutions are fully utilised by estate agents to allow their customers to access full details of properties online - for reassurance, to plan and to simply to get excited about their new home. 


House Plans

The inclusion of floor plans in property information packs is now expected as standard by buyers, and it is clear that they really do add value as a selling tool when they are easily accessible both via an estate agent's website and in print. Metropix offers a range of building drawing software solutions ranging from basic to those that utilise the very latest know-how to bring properties alive via interactive and 3D technology. Once you have selected your building design software package, it couldn’t be simpler to add some extras to really customise the look of the finished plans to reflect your brand identity and add impact. 

There are a number of options when it comes to selecting the ideal floor plan for your needs. Many estate agents opt for the Metropix building drawing software package, not least because of its unbeatable usability and the great results you get with just a few clicks of the mouse. This technology does not require the use of software. It’s all done online, so all that’s required is an internet-enabled PC or laptop. You simply add rooms and key features such as windows and doors, the software being easy to use, and of course is backed up with a great set of resources and training tutorials, including videos.

If you’re after a slightly more detailed set of plans, you could consider using our state-of-the-art Planbank building plan software. We have archives that contain millions of plans that can be accessed to use as a template to generate a new floor plan, and these can be searched by postcode to find a similar property to that you need to create the floorplan for. Once you have selected your template, you can amend it to suit your own purpose. 

Alternatively, you could consider having your floor plans created by our experts using your sketches. With a turnaround of twenty-four hours or less, this is a fast and flexible way to generate high-quality floor plans, and it’s cost-effective too. Flexibility is obviously essential when creating floorplans in this way, so we are more than happy are happy to make amendments straight away when required, and the updated plans will be available immediately online. 

Domestic energy assessors also need a convenient way of generating floor plans for inclusion in the EPA. Our DEA FreeDraw enables an energy assessor to swiftly generate the plans required, with you, the agent, in charge of the results every step of the way. The DEA simply selects options from a simple menu - orientation, display style, branding and file format - and inputs their information, and then the plan is complete. The resulting floor plans can be easily amended should there be any inaccuracies or changes, keeping you in total control of the process. As a bonus this software is available free to registered Domestic Energy Assessors, making it an ideal solution. 

Stunning results can be achieved when using the PicturePlus package. Here we offer a detailed floor plan that comes with integrated high-res photos of the rooms within the property. Click on a room, and you will be treated to a picture of it. The result is an interactive experience that brings the property alive. If you are a subscriber, this fantastic add-on is free.

Many potential purchasers (or tenants) want to get a real idea of how they will live in and use the space of their chosen property. This is now an easy wish to fulfil via our Space Planner. You simply access our extensive furniture library, select items as desired and then drag-and-drop them into rooms on the plan as required.

To really lift your floor plans over the heads of your competitors, why not consider adding a 3D option? These are created from the Classic floor plan with highly impressive results - surely the next best thing to visiting a property in person. This cutting-edge 3D technology is easily customisable to heighten the experience, including a choice of furnishings so that the viewer can put envisage how the property might look once they have put their own design stamp on it.

For the ultimate in virtual selling tools, you can opt to drop a 3D model on to its precise geographical location within Google Earth. This adds valuable information about the area as a whole, enabling the viewer to get to grips with the area surrounding their potential new home. 

With potential property buyers and tenants becoming ever more demanding in terms of the level of service that they expect from their estate agent, using our range of building design software technologies to bring properties to life is really just good business sense.


Design Your Own House

You may of course also being thinking about designing your own house, something that of course needs a good deal of knowledge about building materials as well as a lot of professional expertise, but if that is something you are interested in, then our range of home design software is bound to be useful to you.