Beta Site FAQs

A great reference point for our most common questions and tips. If you can’t find what you are looking for then check out our training materials for extra information or contact us.

Can more than one person in the office draw a plan at the same time?
Certainly. The Metropix system allows multiple users to access and use the same account simultaneously.
Can I change the size of the drawing grid if my plan is too big for the page?
Yes. Press 'Edit' > 'Zoom'. Alternatively, you can press the 'F' key (or F11) to maximise your screen further.
How do I move a wall to resize a room?
Highlight a wall with your cursor and it will turn red. Left click and hold to then drag the wall in and out as you need. For detailed accuracy, left click and hold a wall and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust the size.
Can I type in wall dimensions manually?
Yes. Right cick a wall and select 'Set wall length'. You can now specify the exact wall size you require.
How do I delete a wall?
Drag an 'Opening' symbol onto the wall you wish to delete. Click the 'Opening' symbol to re-size it and determine how much of the wall you wish to remove.
How do I make a 'break' in a wall?
Position your mouse onto the wall where you wish to insert the break and double click - a white square will appear on the wall indicating the break.
How do I make L-shaped rooms?
Double click on a wall to make a break. A break will appear to split the wall in two. Highlight the relevant section of wall, lect click and hold to drag, which will make the L-shape.
How do I make angled walls?
Drag any white breaks (in all corners) on the plan. Also, you can double left click to add your own break(s) and drag this to make specific angle.
How do I make a bay window?
Double click on a wall where the bay begins and again where it finishes. This leaves 2 white dots on the wall. Highlight the middle section of the wall, then drag it outwards. You can also drag the white dots in the corners to make an angle if needed. Once the shape is in place, add the 'Window' symbol(s).
How do I draw curved walls?
Right click onto a wall and select 'create curve'. When you hover this wall, a blue dot will appear, which you can then drag to make the curve. Alternatively if you wish to curve part of the wall only, you can double click to make breaks in the wall before following these steps.
How do I make a bow window?
Right click onto a wall and select 'create curve'. When you hover this wall, a blue dot will appear, which you can then drag to make the curve. Alternatively if you wish to curve part of the wall only, you can double click to make breaks in the wall before following these steps. Once the curve is in place, drag a 'Window' symbol on to it.
How do I add a garden?
For smaller external areas, you can 'Add Room' and label as a 'balcony' and edit the label accordingly. For larger areas you wish to show, select 'Edit' > 'Plot Edit Mode'. This allows you to add specific areas and a complete boundary of the external area. * Suitable for individual dwellings.
How do I delete a room?
Press 'Edit' > 'Delete Room' > Click the room you wish to remove. Alternatively, you can load the 'Delete room' option by pressing the 'DEL' key on your keyboard.
How do I change/edit a room name?
Double click inside a room to load the room labelling option. You can type in your own room name if you require something specific.
How do I add Symbols onto my plan?
Left click and hold to drag a symbol from the left hand menu. Release the click once it is placed correctly on the plan. You can choose from 'Basic', 'Advanced' and 'All' symbols for a complete selection of symbols.
How do I move icons to a new position?
Left click and hold onto a symbol and drag it to a new position. Release the click once you are happy with the position. If you click a 'Symbol' once, the menu appears which includes options to flip, lock and un-stick from a wall (to allow you to move freely).
How do I re-size a symbol?
Single click on the symbol, which will load 2 blue squares. Drag one of the squares to re-size it. The actual measurement will appear as you adjust it. If you would like to use our classic menu, double click the symbol. This allows you to type in your own size manaully or use the measurement slide bar.
How do I rotate a symbol?
Drag the symbol onto the plan. You will need to click the symbol and select the 'Un-stick symbol from wall'. A blue 'Rotate' arrow will now appear which you can drag to turn the symbol.
How do I duplicate an symbol?
Single click a symbol to load the tool menu. Press the 'Duplicate' button to make a copy of the selected symbol. Alternatively, hold CTRL key on your keyboard and drag any symbol to duplicate it.
How do I change symbol properties, e.g. door swing, window size etc?
Single left click a symbol to load the tool menu. Here, you can 'flip' a symbol and re-size by dragging the blue squares. Specifically, to change the swing direction of a door, left click and hold and drag it towards the side you would like it to open out to. Alternatively, double click the symbol to load the classic menu.
Is there a way to rotate a plan or obtain a mirror image of a plan?
Press 'Edit' to acces these one-click options.
How do I put 'features' into a kitchen?
The 'Base unit' symbol is the most commonly used for kitchens and is available on the 'Basic' symbols list. Sinks an hobs are also available here. For more choice, press 'All symbols' > 'Kitchen'.
How do I add cupboards?
Add room' and draw the cupboard/wardrobe as a small room. At the room label stage, select 'storage' and then choose an appropriate label.
Can I add furniture to my floor plan?
Yes. The 'Basic' and 'advanced' symbols list give you quick access to the most commonly used symbols. For greater choice, press 'All symbols' and work from these categories to have full furniture options.
How do I add another floor?
Press 'Floors' on the top left hand side. This will automatically add a new floor above your existing floor. Always draw the plan from the lowest floor, upwards. If drawing a 3rd floor +, press 'floors' followed by 'add floor' at the bottom of the menu.
How do I make stairs?
Press 'Add stairs' button and 'Add stairs' from the drop down, then select the floors that stairs run from and to - the stairs will then appear on screen. You can drag the blue dot to extend or rotate the steps to a different direction. To add a landing, single click the higher blue dot and use the 'Add flat landing' button. From here, you can then click the further blue dots to add extra flat landings and/or additional runs of stairs. For angle steps, when you click the blue dot, press 'Add stairs'. This will add a new extension of stairs and you can drag the blue dot to turn them to make 90 and 180 degree turning stairs. You increase/decrease the number of stairs, by dragging the start or end blue dot while holding the CTRL key - Ideal for stairs that immediately start on an angled turn.
How do I make a spiral staircase?
Click 'Add stairs' and select the 'Spiral' option. Choose the floors the stairs run from and to. Next, the stairs will be movable on screen and click to position the centre of the spiral stairs. Now move your mouse to re-size and turn the stairs and click to confirm, once complete. To edit the stairs later, click the blue dot, which enables you to edit the width or change the direction of the stairs.
How do I add split level stairs?
When you are on the relevant floor, press 'Add stairs' and select 'Split level'. You will be given the steps in your control which you can position onto the plan and confirm by cicking. Once done, you can drag he blue dots to extend and rotate the stairs, if needed.
Can I make changes to an existing plan?
Yes. 'View' the plan from the 'My plans' page and select 'Open/edit'. You can now make your changes on the edit screen and press 'Plan Complete' to save a new version.
How do I save the finished plans onto my computer?
View' the plan from your 'My plans' page. You will be presented with the Download options - you can select the resolution and the format required, before pressing 'Download'.
Are Metropix floor plans compatible with my Property Management Software?
Metropix is fully compatible with any system that uses standard industry formats and it is fully integrated with most major property management software.
Can I tweak my plans with branding and customisation?
Yes. Select 'My account' > 'Change preferences'. Here, you can use the selections to change the style, customise colours and apply a watermark. The changes will take effect for all future plans that you draw from that point.
How do I change the external wall thickness?
My account' > 'Change preferences' > 'Floor plan appearance'. Here, you can set the % of external wall thickness against the internal. Alternatively, when drawing the plan, you can right click a wall and use the Wall thickness tool. There is also a tick box at this stage to apply the thickness to all other external walls, too.
Can I download my floor plans in a different format (i.e. JPEG)?
Yes. You can set a default format for all plans via 'My account' > 'Change preferences' > 'Formats'. Alternatively, when you 'View' a completed plan, you can download in various formats here, too.
How do I change the layout of my finished floor plan?
My account' > 'Change preferences' > 'Floor plan appearance'. Here, you can adjust the 'Layout of floors'. Alternatively, at the 'Plan complete' stage after drawing the plan, you can choose from the 'Plan layout' section to specify a layout.
How can I change the text display on my floor plans?
My account' > 'Change preferences' > 'Font settings'. Changes are made for all new plans you make from this point.
Can I include my company logo on my floor plans?
Yes. 'My account' > 'Change preferences' > 'Watermarks'. Upload and save your logo here.
Can I choose my own colours for my colour floor plans?
Yes. 'My account' > 'Change preferences' > 'Colour floor plans'. Use the colour palettes to make your selection, or you can provide a hex code to match your branding exactly.
How do I change the disclaimer on my finished plan?
The disclaimer will automatically appear on all plans, but you can remove and edit this, if you require. 'My Account' > 'Change preferences' > 'Floor plan appearance'. Use the 'Disclaimer style' to edit/remove the disclaimer.
How do I upgrade my classic plan to PicturePlus (interactive)?
Upgrading a plan to PicturePlus couldn't be simpler and takes only seconds, follow the instructions below ... Click onto Free Upgrades from the plan's 'view' page Select the PicturePlus option by clicking anywhere on the rectangular button. Upload your photographs one by one (including external photos) then click 'Next' Following the intuitive instructions, as the photo appears choose its 'location' from the drop-down list then position the the camera icon into the appropriate room and click Continue this action until all the photographs are positioned and then click 'Next' Once you've confirmed your order, return to 'My Plans' to open your PicturePlus plan from the 'Link for your website' field.
How long do upgrades take to process?
Picture Plus is instant, while colour is a matter of seconds. Maps are produced within a few minutes.
Are 3D Floor Plans available in different formats?
You can choose between Jpeg and PNG formats. 'My account' > 'change preferences' > '3D Plans' to set your preferred format, before ordering. The default format is Jpeg.
My system froze or crashed before I had a chance to save my floor plan, will it be lost?
Refresh the Metropix drawing page (right away, on the same computer) and an alert will appear to restore the unsaved plan. It's essential that you press 'OK' to this message, as the opportunity to restore the plan won't be available again. It's advised to save the plan manually as you draw; 'File' > 'Save unfinished plan'.
I got an error message when saving my floor plan - have I lost it for good?
An error may occur if you have lost your internet connection. The best action to safeguard you work is to press 'File' > 'Save to disk'. This saves the plan data to your computer, which can then be re-used once your connection is active. If in doubt, ensure you have saved the file to your computer and get in touch with our support team.
My plan looks squashed / blurred when I upload it onto my sales details/website?
Firstly, ensure that you are downloading the correct format (jpeg, gif etc); your property management software can advise further if needed. Also consider the layout of the floors in relation to the shape/size of your document/website template. Where resolution is still a problem we can customise the pixel size of your plans to meet the exact height specifications required by your property management software. Please contact the Support Team for guidance.
AutoDraw tips
Print cover sheets in high quality to ensure the barcode can be read properly by our system. Send only one property per fax transmission and make sure the cover sheet is the first page of the transmission. Write specific instructions such as 'Don't show measurements' clearly onto the page. Simple, hand-drawn sketches are preferable to architect plans. Where you have an existing architect plan which you want to use to save time, please simplify it as much as possible - using a pen to add definition if necessary. Remove unnecessary pages such as external elevations. After faxing your sketch you should see the message 'Processing' against the reference in 'My Plans'. If after faxing the message still says 'Awaiting your fax', it means the fax has not been recognized by our system - please call the Support Team for guidance.