Fortunately, however, there is a bedroom design tool available that can take the stress out of the process and prevent mistakes that can prove costly to put right or be extremely annoying to live with. Metropix’s ‘Space Planner’, for example, offers various products to design a bedroom that can help with the task, whether you want to create a professional floor plan, find a template to save you time and effort or sketch your ideas and have a professional create the floor plan for you.

There are also options to upgrade your plans to make them easier to understand or simply to allow you to gain a better idea of what your bedroom will look like once your plans are fulfilled. Perhaps you like the idea of a design tool that allows you to incorporate photographs into your plans or want to be able to incorporate furniture when you design a bedroom to check on spacing and prevent costly purchasing or space-wasting errors?

How about the idea of creating a 3D floor plan to really let you see when you design your own bedroom how the end space will look, or even taking up the opportunity to take a 3D walk around your new space? Whether you want a basic planning program, a colourful option or a more technologically advanced insight into the bedroom of your future, there is bedroom design software to meet your needs.

Designing a bedroom online can also be done without having to download anything, reducing what could be an extremely time-consuming, frustrating and complex process to something that requires no specialist technical skills and the minimum amount of time and effort. If you can drag and drop and have access to the internet, you have the ability to make use of the design bedroom online options available.


Living Room – Bathroom - Kitchen – Dining Room Floor Plans

Drawing your own basic floor plan, for example, can take less than five minutes - and that’s for a whole house. If you want to design your own bedroom, it could take a matter of seconds to drop in features such as doors and windows. Planbank is also available to make the task of floor plan creation as simple as possible. If you enter your post code, the system will try to find similar plans from your area, leaving you to do nothing more than make any required amendments.

If you would rather leave the technical drawing to a professional, there are the AutoDraw options, where you can simply upload your own sketch or fax it into the hands of experts who can create your plan and return it completed within just 24 hours.

Designing your own bedroom involves much more than simply working out where all the fixtures and fittings are located, however, which is why you might want to make use of bedroom design software such as PicturePlus. This design tool allows you to create a more interactive floor plan with the integration of high-resolution photographs. 

This can give you a clearer idea of what your bedroom will really look like or ensure that any contractors you employ to do the work have a clear understanding of what you want.

When designing a bedroom (or a kitchen,  a dining room, bathroom, or any other interior space) online,  you may also want to get an even better idea of how you will live in the space, which is where online tools such as the Space Planner come into their own. You can simply make use of the furniture library to drag and drop items into your space, moving things around to suit your needs and then viewing what you have created in either a 2D or 3D format.

A 3D floor plan, meanwhile, can appear stunning and give you the best idea of how your new room will look and work. You can look at your room with or without decoration and furnishings, and it can be generated and created with little more than a few clicks of a button.

If designing your own bedroom is so exciting you simply cannot wait to get your feet through the door, bedroom planning software can mean that you don’t have to wait that long at all. Whilst you won’t be able to get your physical self in the room for a little while, 3D Walkthroughs offer the next best thing - the chance to take a tour of your new bedroom even before a contractor has even set foot in your home.

There is no better way to get a feel for the real layout and size of your new room, and looking at different decorating styles and furnishings can be a real source of inspiration when it comes to your deciding on the finishing touches.

Who knew it could be this simple to turn your sleep-space dreams into a reality? A bedroom design tool will make it easier than ever to use your imagination to create tangible plans that can be used to transform any area of your home.