Play around with the position of the furniture, fittings and storage areas relative to each other to find the optimum use of the available space, see whether your dream fixtures will work in a different configuration or check whether the colour of a new suite will match your existing décor. Our bathroom layout planner lets you see every aspect of the project, and you can even enjoy a virtual stroll around the finished room, all from the comfort of your own home and in the process have a bit of fun too. Using our design bathroom online software takes the guesswork out of home renovation (and you can use it for home offices and kitchens too).

Glossy brochures and brightly lit showrooms are all very well, but they often display their products in unrealistically large spaces. In reality, the average bathroom in the UK is little bigger than a king-size bed, so making the most efficient use of space is essential. If you want to know whether you can squeeze in two pedestal sinks alongside a corner bath, or whether there is sufficient room for a bidet, our comprehensive set of design bathroom online tools will provide all the answers you need. 


Design Your Own Bathroom

Once you’ve decided to design your own bathroom, an important consideration is how long it will take you to get to grips with the online tools available. Our software is so easy to use that you're unlikely to require any training at all - the only information you'll need to know in advance will be the dimensions of the room you wish to design. Once you've logged in, a simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to position your choice of fittings in any way you want to achieve the results you desire. Should you experience any difficulties or have questions at any time, you'll have access to a wealth of training and support materials and services to help get you back on track. 

With nothing to download or install, you’ll be able to access your designs from any internet-enabled computer and try out new ideas whenever inspiration strikes. Begin with a simple 2D floor plan, mark out the location of doors and windows and then choose from a wide selection of fittings - everything from a basic bath and fancy sink to corner shower unit and low-level WC. You can also experiment with colours and textures on the walls and ceilings to find the ones that best match your ideas or fit in with the décor in the rest of your home.


Bathroom Layout Planner

You can use our planner tool with an image taken from our library of designs and use that to inspire you, or start out with the physical dimensions of your actual bathroom and play around with the positioning and orientation of the individual items until you find the one that works best. 

Changing the design of your home is a costly business, and if you get it wrong, the costs can be higher still. Once you commit to purchasing certain fittings or removing particular items, it's extremely difficult to go back. Our software lets you get it right first time and makes it easy to share your ideas with friends or family who might otherwise struggle to visualise exactly what you have planned. 

A wide range of upgrades is available to make the system even more useful. These upgrades will enable you to truly visualise your new bathroom as if you were actually there. While 2D floor plans are a great starting point, Metropix provides the ability to put together a 3D representation of your new bathroom. This is an extremely powerful tool that lets you truly experience your design by bringing the space to life in full colour, allowing you to more vividly experience the layout and potential of the room. You can then go one further, making use of our 3D walkthrough facility to get a genuine feel for what the finished property is going to be like. You can set the system to display alternating types of decor and styles of fitting in order to compare and contrast multiple styles. 

You are limited only by your own imagination, so you can try out ideas that might first seem impractical but could inspire new designs that you had not previously considered. If, for example, your ideas were all based around a traditional rounded bath, having the option to see how the room looks with a corner unit or a combined bath and shower could send you in new and exciting design directions. Once you finalise your design, you'll be able to put together a shopping list of all the items you require in order to turn your design dreams into reality. 

Capable of generating impressive results in a short time and with no arduous learning curve, our bathroom layout planner suite of online tools is the ultimate way to design every aspect of your new bathroom.