Angled walls

Not something you see every day, but it is something you will almost certainly come across periodically. 

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Split level stairs

When drawing a Floor plan for a property, there are often cases where there are a set of stairs that go between two rooms, on the same floor.  In Metropix we call this a Split Level staircase.

L shape room

When creating a floor plan for a property, there are very few that will have just square or rectangular rooms. There will be many that are L shaped, and this is incredibly easy to create with Metropix.

How to draw a floor plan

See how to draw a complete floor plan for a 1 bedroom flat.

Not something you see every day, but it is something you will almost certainly come across periodically. When you do, you can have total confidence that Metropix will be able to get your plan looking perfect.

Whenever you add a room to the plan, you will see a white dot in every corner. This is visible for every room. This dot can be used to create your angled walls.

To do so, simply place your cursor over the white point, which will then turn red to show that you have selected it. Now left click and hold to drag the corner and you will see it creates an angle. As you make adjustments, you will get a feel for the movement on offer and how you can create all different types of angled walls and rooms.

In some cases, an angled wall may consist of 5 or more walls. In this case you can split a wall in two to create the extra wall (all rooms drawn initially have 4 walls). Double click on the wall to make a split, which leaves a new white dot on the wall itself (not the corner). Now you can drag this white dot to make a new shape/angle.

Doors and windows can be added to angled walls in the normal way, giving you full ability to draw all the shapes, styles and layouts that your local market can throw at you!

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There are also videos on ‘deleting walls’ and one that covers the system’s ability to ‘copy a symbol that is already on your floor plan’, this saving you lots of time.

Floor Plan Drawing Support Team

The Metropix system itself is really easy to use and in addition to our support area, we have a dedicated team at hand to help you with all things floor plan related. Simply give us a call or submit a message through our contact form to get assistance from our friendly team. The chances are you won’t need to contact us that often, but when you do, we’ll make sure we impress you.

Adding Angled Walls

Transcript of the video:-
00:04 you can take the white dots on any 
00:07 corner of a room to adjust the angle it 
00:10 will turn red, left click and hold and 
00:12 then drag same for the other side we'll 
00:16 drag this one left click and hold and 
00:18 then pull that down if you had another 
00:22 room you could add room and draw it 
00:24 attached as so it's best to draw it as a 
00:27 standard room and then angle it later 
00:29 we'll call this reception family room 
00:32 okay from there you can take the white 
00:35 dots again left click and hold to slide 
00:37 them down and to the other section as 
00:40 well it is possible to double click on a 
00:44 wall to create a break and that dot can 
00:46 then be dragged as well so you would 
00:48 absolute control over the shapes and 
00:49 angles that you create