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The say a picture paints a thousand words and floor plans enable industries such as estate agents, domestic energy assessors (DEAs), architects, craftsmen, and other designers to quickly create a room, floor or full building outline.

For estate agents, floor plans are an integral part of property marketing; presenting a simple visual to prospective purchasers and tenants.

Indeed, according to the portals, floor plans are essential to all parties in the transaction

  • 1 in 5 buyers suggested they would completely ignore a property advert if it did not have a floor plan
  • Three quarters of sellers wants a floor plan in their property particulars
  • 43% of landlords would not instruct an agent if they did not provide a floor plan

How to get a floor plans

There are 2 main ways to get a floor plan. You can either use a visiting service or do-it-yourself.

Visiting Service

If you are having an EPC done on a orioerty it’s worth asking about floor plans as well… sometimes DEAs will package the two toether and provide both.

Alternatively you can approach a dedicated visiting service who would arrange a suitable time to access the property to draw a floor plan.

Both options incur the additional cost of getting someone else to do it for you.


You can create floor plans yourself. A Metropix subscription offers a draw your own option, or our Autodraw option

The Draw Your Own product is a simple online tool  that lets you create floor plans in minutes with an array of styles and optional upgrades. There’s no need for design qualifications or architectural blueprints… simply outline the property in a sketch and draw it up at the office.

Or for even simpler floor plans try Metropix Mobile. Create floor plans while you are onsite with all the functionality and simplicity of Metropix in a tablet app.


Create a sketch of the property, outline your feature criteria and send it to us for us to draw for you. Simple, no hassle, and quick. We will return the completed floor plan to you in less than 24 hours.

Features and upgrades

PlanBank: Every Metropix subscription comes with access to our unique PlanBank feature. PlanBank gives you access to our plan archive… all 11m + of them! It will alert you if the property you have entered is an exact or partial match, to enable you to pick it up and make any tweaks, rather than start from scratch. Saving your estate agency time or creating new floor plans for your house.

PicturePlus: Add featured photos to your floor plan with our innovative PicturePlus to create an interactive customer experience. Identify a point on the floor plan you would like to feature, upload your picture and when you click on the button on the floor plan the feature image is shown… bringing you the best of both worlds.

Click here to see PicturePlus in action

Colour floor plans: colour code your floor plans with our simple colouring upgrade. Whether you’re looking to identify particular rooms with certain colours, or create a colour scheme exclusive to your brand, colour floor plans are a great way to support your property listings

Space Planner: Create a truly modern and interactive customer experience with Space Planner; enable prospective home buyers to explore the house and design their own interior layouts. No complicated design needed… just simple software to encourage your customers to interact with your business and help you capture more interest.

Click here to see Space Planner in action

Floor plan Branding: Make your floor plans exclusive to you by incorporating your own branding. Stand out on the property portals, and in your industry. Our in-house experts will guide you on how to make the most of your customisation with our top tips and tools.

Paid Features

3D: According to Rightmove over half of sellers would not instruct an agent if they did not provide a floor plan on their listing… so how do you make your floor plans stand out from the rest? Simple… go 3D. 3D floor plans require no additional work. Simply create your 2D floor plan and click to upgrade to 3D.  

For standard Metropix subscriptions it costs £3.95 to upgrade to a 3D floor plan. For Premium subscribers 3D floor plans are FREE

Metropix Mobile; 11 million floor plans in the palm of your hand

Our mobile app lets you take Metropix with you wherever you go. All the functionality of the desktop software available on an iPad.

Add Metropix Mobile to your account today for no fee

If you would like to try Metropix Mobile, please sign up here

Check out our top tips and tools to making the most of you Metropix subscription

  • Personalise your floor plans with your own logos and colour scheme to promote your brand.
  • Make an impression on valuation and offer something different with PicturePlus and 3D plans.
  • Make your floor plans interactive with Space Planner; enabling prospective purchasers to design their own furniture layout of the property.
  • Display floor area accurately with Metropix floor plans
  • Get staff trained up… anyone and everyone can be trained to create professional floor plans; from beginners to advanced users with simple and bespoke training. Our record time for a floor plan was 2 minutes 45 seconds for a 3 bed semi-detached property!
  • Don’t spend hours creating floor plans from scratch. Our PlanBank holds 11+ million unique floor plans all searchable by address.
  • Save more time; draw the whole plan at the property, completely offline with Metropix Mobile
  • Save even more time; get us to do it for you! With our AutoDraw service simply provide us with a sketch of the property and we'll do the rest, delivering your completed floor plan back to you within 24 hours.