Agents duplicating over 90% of floor plans

Many agents are missing out on significant time saving opportunities when it comes to their floor plans say Landmark, parent of the Metropix floor plan software and anti-money laundering compliance toolkit, Compliance in a Box.

In research undertaken by Metropix, 100 random UK addresses were investigated to see whether there had been any previous plans drawn up against the property stored within Metropix’s unique Plan Bank tool.

Plan Bank records every previous floor plan generated using the software, storing them for future use and is free to use with every Metropix subscription

Of the 100 addresses searched, 23 properties came back with a full match meaning no changes were required to re-produce the floor plan. A further 71 properties returned a partial match where previously created plans can be used as a template to create the layout required. Picture a typical residential street where most of the houses are the same or a mirrored layout.

Plan Bank automatically alerts users to the existence of full and partial matches. And with over 11m million plans stored, more plans means more matches.

Customer Relationship Manager Steve Sanashee says “the average floor plan can take 10 minutes to draw. We estimate that the time saved with an exact match is 8 minutes and a partial match around 5 minutes.”

“In effect this means that in over 90% of cases using Plan Bank can at least halve the time it takes to create the floor plan. Every plan is reprocessed to match your account specifics improving efficiency without compromising on the quality of the finished article.”

The unique Plan Bank is a central feature of Metropix’s newly launched Mobile app, now available for iPad. Users can access the full functionality of the award-winning software from wherever they are.

The app showcases some improvements to the software including; drag and drop stairs, re-positioning and adjusting of room labels and a general refresh of the user experience.


Metropix Mobile is now available. Simply register your details for a FREE TRIAL.