Agents don’t need to take the blame for “slow searches”

I'm sure you know by now, we don't just do floor plans! Landmark products touch 97% of property transactions a year in England and Wales, making us one of the most trusted parts of the industry. Our No Sale No Fee (NSNF) search packs are an integral part of that service, helping you speed up your transactions and reduce fall-through's.

Conveyancers blamed for delays “because searches are not ordered in a timely manner.”
Property Industry Eye recently highlighted one of the biggest tensions in conveyancing - the turnaround times for local authority searches. It’s been suggested slow local authorities are increasing the time taken for property transactions to complete.

However, the Council of Property Search Organisations said the delays are caused by conveyancers waiting until the last minute to order searches. It defended local authorities, saying those causing unacceptable delays were “few and far between.”
But do conveyancers really need to wait a month to order searches?
CoPSO chairman James Sherwood-Rogers said that searches are in fact currently taking just under ten days, within the government target. He said: “It is not search turnaround times that cause delays; rather it is because searches are not ordered in a timely manner.” He went on to say that “statistics from View My Chain suggest that the average time taken for searches to be ordered when an offer has been accepted subject to contract is 23 days.”

If he’s right, nearly a month goes by - or over a month if these are working days - from a confirmation of Sold STC to the search orders actually being placed. The big question is, why is this happening?

Sherwood-Rogers believes “some conveyancers are reticent to order searches at acceptance of offer, just in case the purchase falls through.”
It’s a reasonable fear. No-one wants to risk paying for searches they might never need. It does seem prudent to wait.
Want a risk-free solution to ordering searches immediately?

We would always recommend putting the needs of your client first and have been offering a service to help you do just that, while eliminating your own financial risk.

Because Landmark has been working with conveyancers for many years, we know this is a balancing act. However, if, as Sherwood-Rogers says, “Searches are available in most areas of the UK in just over a week,” it looks like there may be some truth to his conclusion that conveyancers “may be inadvertently increasing the possibility of chains breaking by risking a delay.”

Our No Sale No Fee (NSNF) search packs allow agents to order the Personal Local, Personal Drainage and Water and all other necessary searches via the Landmark platform the moment the offer is accepted. Start the ball rolling straight away.

We invoice on completion, when you are paid by the homebuyer. So, you know these searches will never cost you anything. If fact, this can even be an additional revenue stream should you decide to add a mark-up on this service.

So, it’s a win-win situation. If the sale is successful, the buyer pays upon completion. If the sale falls through, because we invoice on completion, you still don’t pay a penny! 

Don’t take the blame when things stall. Don’t be the reason, either. Now you can achieve that balance.

Order your searches immediately with no financial risk.
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