11m floor plans in the palm of your hand

Metropix are delighted to announce that their unique Plan Bank service has reached 11m plans and counting.

The service enables users to identify whether the property they are wanting to draw a plan for has previously has a plan drawn for it; or whether there is a partial match available, saving an estimated 50% on drawing a complete floor plan.

And with around 3000 floor plans currently drawn daily with Metropix, Plan Bank continues to grow and benefit its users.

To celebrate the milestone, Metropix have awarded a new iPad to the drawer of the 11 millionth plan Emma Tomlinson of iAgent Homes in Northwich, a copy of which is below.

Commenting on the software Emma said “I absolutely love it! I try to use the PlanBank every time Even if a plan needs flipping around or changing slightly it is still a huge time saver compared with starting a plan from scratch.”

“I like the way you can save it and go back to it if necessary. Clients expect a full package from a professional agent and we want to stand out as being agents who are very good value for money and very competitive as well as being experienced.”

The iPad comes pre-installed with Metropix’s latest innovation… Metropix Mobile.

The app enables users to take Metropix wherever they go and includes Metropix’s extensive array of additional FREE features including Picture Plus; Space Planner; branding and colour plans, and Plan Bank’s 11m floor plans at their fingertips.

The app also features improvements to the software based on user feedback; the curved and angled wall controls have been made simpler; stairs are easier to insert; and you can re-position/adjust the size of room labels.

Commenting on the landmark Customer Service Manager Steve Sanashee said “Plan Bank just saves so much time for agents. We estimate that in over 90% of cases Plan Bank holds either an exact or partial match, and the software can flip properties round so if you’re dealing with a terrace for example and Plan Bank identifies a partial match with the opposite layout, you can simply flip it round with Metropix.”

Metropix Mobile is now available. Simply register your details for a FREE TRIAL.